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Our Vision

Building on our love for God by worship, prayer and teaching.  Sharing the love of Jesus with each other by fellowship, compassion and unity.  Spreading our faith to others through the Holy Spirit by drawing people into our loving community, nurturing new Christians, outreach, caring and loving service.

We believe that God can be known in 3 ways:

  • As Father and creator 
  • As Jesus his son and saviour 
  • As the Holy Spirit who is the spirit of God in the world  

We believe that God was the start of all things and that he is Father of us all.  We believe that God sent his son Jesus to show how much he loves us. Jesus came to show us what God is like, he taught us about God's kingdom of justice, love and peace. Jesus died and was raised to life again to show us in a mysterious way how we can be forgiven when we have done wrong. Jesus told us that when we die we shall go to live with God forever.  We believe there is a spirit of god in the world that comes from both God our creator and Jesus his son.  This spirit is within each of us and in the world so we can all share God's life.  We believe that the church is the place where we can come to know God best through prayer, worship and fellowship. 

How we live out the Vision:  
Open Lives, Open Hands, Open Church

We seek to follow Christ’s commands to love God, one another, and our neighbour by

  • opening our lives to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for prayer and renewal
  • opening our hands to each other in ministry and discipleship
  • opening our church to the community for witness and evangelism

We recognize that this is a life-long pilgrimage following the way of Jesus Christ and marked by prayer, discipline and sacrifice. As we journey with one another on the way we want to see our church grow in service.
We are committed to working in partnership with others. We pray for God’s blessing that all of this is done in the work and life of God’s Kingdom and, among others, we will work with:

  • Our Bishops Christopher and Jonathan, Archdeacon Moira and the Diocese of Southwark
  • Churches and officers in the Deanery of Reigate
  • Other local churches primarily through Churches Together
  • Local schools especially Salfords Primary school
  • Local Government & Councils
  • Our network of connections to community

Planning your Visit